Here in the mountains of central Portugal, a levada is an ancient water way. They were built as small channels or aqueducts, where the water was diverted from a river and lead into feeding mills or for irrigation purposes. With the abandonment of the land, also these fantastic structures were left to disappear and be [...]


As the light of the sun walks towards it's lowest point, new cycles start to emerge in my mind, bringing enthusiasm and joy. A bright project starts to unfold from both my imagination and my hands. Slowly stitching, deeply burrowed in the sofa, hours float by in split seconds and white cloth of a myriad [...]


In reality, there still isn't a true caldron. At the moment it is only an old aluminum pot. But sure does work wonders! I've worked continuously for the past 40 or so days, around 10 hours a day. However, in the evenings and somethings diving deep into night time, i've been hand sewing! Inspired by [...]


I am a naturally happy positive person, i simply make no effort to just know all will be fine, even when it's not quite there. I believe and i trust. And the universe provides. ::: Sou uma pessoa naturalmente feliz e positiva, é sem esforço que simplesmente sei que tudo vai ficar bem, mesmo quando [...]


Dear Milena, Today i write to you. You dwell in my thoughts so often, hardly a week goes by that i don't see you with my mind's eye, sliding through the crowds in Óbidos, sitting on a bench reading, walking away with flowing steps and braided grey hair. Last night, in bed while my family [...]


After the blessed rain, these sunny days came right on time to greet the spring with open arms and heart. Corga is still getting greener every day and i delight myself finding each new plant, each sweet smell of flowers brought by the breeze. It's wonderful to go through the rows of broad beans and [...]